Wednesday, May 12, 2004

elo..elo..tomorrow last day of examz!!!!gonna eeennnjjjoooyyy..~~!!*wink*tomorrow is PE n e.maths paper 2..need not worry too much..juz now was malay paper 2 n accounts..malay was obviously easy..accounts was alright i guess..60% pass uh..not too sure..overall mid year exam i hav no say in it....slack uh tis yr..many many problems..loved ones attitude also boring seh..haizzz..

but no matter wat....tomorrow me gonna enjoy uh..i don giv a damn bout anything else..gonna go out wit my memberz n get high..~~!!*wink*ehhehehehehheh..don misunderstand uh..don misinterpret..cant wait..cant wait..cant wait..

juz now after examz nana went to me house to check her mails..her comp kena virus..cannot even on d pc sak..hehehehe..she very d jealous me everday comp comp comp she went to me house to chat fer a while then me ask her out..boring uh at home only..go jln jln at causeway where else to go..saw giordano shirt lawa seh!!!!but then 25 bucks sak..mahal..!!geram seh tgk baju tu..haizzz..gotta ask somebody to buy tt fer me....hehehhehehehehehhe..*wink*then went to of d skirt nice seh..but then very d got to admire it only..sssooo sssaaaddd......

at causeway point met ridzuan..ex primary school mates..da gemok seh die..but d frens all hensem hensem..*wink*but tak pekenan uh..all tappered only....hmmmz....hav nothing against tappered juz don like..ttz all..then there these two guys don noe from where suddenly appear behind me n nana then kacau kacau org seh..kental sak!!seriously..they don noe how to tackle gurls..haizzz..mepek uh!!

well..can say im happy juz so happy these few days although i hav many problems..i don noe y..i hav kinda mental problem i guess....*wink*but at least im still happy......hehehehhehehehehheheheehehehheehh..k la..nak mkn uh..hungry leh..c ya!!aligatokhuzaimas..~~!!*muackzzz*!!

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Monday, May 10, 2004

aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!d physics n a maths paper was ssshhhooo difficult!!!!no confidence can pass sia..aiyo..!! also like no use....d paper was juz too hard....bingit seh..!!haizzz....i realli need to pass my a maths trake O level a maths next year....but confidence already....sad sia....juz hope fer d best uh..nothing can b done.... :(

tomorrow is malay paper 1....2 hours seh!!!!ssssooo long....juz need to write a letter n a compo....2 hours is juz too long....bowing!!aiyo..d paper start at 10.50 a.m...can wake up late late....hehehehehheh!!yeah!!yeah!!yeah!!*wink* confused..baru nak happy happy..then......confusion came n visit me uh???? also don noe juz goin wit d flow....watever happens..happens fer a wait lor..see how it goes..coz im tired of trying to make tings happen..everytime i d 1 whu is hurt n no use trying....but of course i wun giv up matter wat....ill go fer wat i one can stop me from doing tt....*wink*

aite..gota go..havent bathe yet....heheheheh....havent even change my uniform......lazy seh......heheheeh..k la..c ya..!!byez!!*muackzzz*!!

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

hola ppl!!had a great weekend??eheheh..i had a wonderful weekend..~~!!*wink*

saturday me family celebrate Mother's Day..had a gathering at my house n at nite d whole family went to east coast park..juz chill over there n have fun..i had fun..sssooo much fun!!hehehheheh..

today did nothing..juz stay at home n study fer tomorrow examz..bbbooorrreeeddd!!far asked me out but me declined....lazy la..not in d mood to go only study a bit of physics n a bit of a maths..malas seh....

haizzz....still hav 4 more days to go before mid year examz is over................cannot wait seh!!

aiya....nothing else to say leh..hmmmz..letz tok bout my life eh??heheheh....nvm....lazy uh to type long time k....byez!!!!

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Friday, May 07, 2004

geography paper was not tt difficult..i did d question on d chapter tt i didnt was so easy!!d question on d chapter tt i revised was so complicated..i don understand..crapz man!!chemistry paper HANCUR!!very difficult paper..well..only fer those whu didnt study i guess..heheh..ah....i don giv a damn man..

i dont noe y nowadays im so fucking always not in d mood to study..weneve im gonna start studying....ill feel so sleepy n lazy..why uh??is it me or is it my mental state???? so worried bout myself..i wont b able to excel if i continue my usual state..n i do wanna excel ya noe....aiyo..preassure leh....

lalallalalalallallalaalllallalalalallalalalalalalala............lililillilililililillililililillilililililililililili............ realli feelin satisfied wit wat i hav rite now..i noe i did said tt life never fair..but i tink i hav changed tt perception of mind..i do tink life is not fair if only we dont try to change tings..we hav to try to achieve wat we 1 in life no matter how hard it may b..i wan happiness so im trying to achieve it bit by bit....although it may hurt others..but i hav to do it..sometimes we juz hav to tink of ourself fer our own sake..aint i rite??

now..ive achieved happiness..maybe not fully but at least im feeling happy..i wanna change..i wanna b d gurl whu i used to b..rilek..soft spoken..irritating..sarcastic..faithful..n more....i realli do wanna change..but obviously i need support from my frens n loved ones..

hmmmz..said quite a bit..gotta go ppl!!n me too..*wink*heheh..aite..nitez..*muackzzz*!!

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Thursday, May 06, 2004


my dreams came true..thanx d star i wish upon tt nite!!im realli happy!!cant describe how happy i am!!


but then rite....tomorrow examz seh..spoil ler!!tomorrow geography n chemistry..i gurantee HANCUR!!!!wanna noe y??coz......i didnt study!!!!haizzz..but i don mind coz mid year marks dosent include in N level examz..hehehheh..


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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

hola ppl!!juz now was my Social Studies n E.Maths paper able to do it!!yeah!!yeah!!it was actually an easy paper..but fer Social Studies..d source based questions were quite difficult to attempt..but i did it anyway....i hav d confidence i can pass both papers!!*wink*tomorrow no paper so need not go sch!!syiok!!!!but then muz study fer Geography n Chemistry..haiyo..pressure..pressure..

niwae..i received VK(whueve hav AM account will noe wat im referring to)from heart went all crazy sia!!im so shocked at d same time..i don noe wats his motive fer doing so..but im glad niwae coz at least he remembered me!!cant describe how happy i was to receive tt VK from him..itz been quite long actually..since d last time i heard bout him..wondering how he has been....

aiya..all tt is not important la..watz important rite now is my examz....still hav a long week to go thru before i can enjoy....cant wait!!cant wait!!*wink*

aite..gotta go..wish me good luck k ppl....*muackzzz*!!

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Monday, May 03, 2004 life juz getting worst each day..examz on wednesday n i havent even revise a shit yet!!don noe how im gonna do well tis yr....juz go wit d flow i guess..

nothing to do today..bored..i made a mistake..a big mistake actually..but i tink itz juz gd to juz keep my mouth shut fer believes in me least last time till today evening theres one person whu believes in me..but person has gone....dissappear....haizzz..left me alone n my shadow....don noe if i can manage life w/o tis person..

tis person thought i was only befriends wit him juz to occupy my free time..but he dosent noe wat im really feeling inside..n stupid me not to tell him..i wanted too though....but itz hard fer me to say it coz i don tink he will believe it d one whu ask him to move on n now i regretted tt decision..oh well!!ttz life i guess..i hav to move on too..concentrate on my studies n enjoy after tt..

cant wait fer examz to finish!!gonna really enjoy!!*wink*juz hav to be those whu ar having examz soon....GOOD LUCK n ALL D BEST!!!!***susah sekarang senang kemudian***

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firstly..whuever commented..juz wanna say "thank you"..although i don expect tt kind of commentz....but..itz alright..different ppl hav different opinions..ill take ur commentz into consideration aite..*wink*

nothing to say actually..sch was ok..cant concentrate coz not in d mood to mind was somewhere else all d time..cant seems to concentrate..oh always like tt..

after sch thought of catching a movie but then change my n ma frenz ate lunch at KFC..after tt went home..

at wdls mrt station..i saw someone whu luk like faz again..d way he dress....d way he walks....haizzz..miss him too much i guess..arghhh..!!gotta get him out of my head man!!hes been in my head all day yesterday!!n today!!aaarrrggghhhh!!!!wat am i gonna do??!!

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